Aesthetic procedures around the world have increased 40% over the last four years, data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) show. The US leads the world in non-surgical procedures with more than 4.4 million in 2023.

ISAPS released the results of its annual Global Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures at the ISAPS World Congress in Cartagena, Colombia. Of note, the survey included plastic surgeons only, and did not include other core cosmetic specialists, such as dermatologists. As such, total aesthetic procedures may be higher.

Despite a slight drop (4%) in botulinum toxin injections since last year, it remains the most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedure in the world, with more than 8.8 million procedures. Hyaluronic acid fillers are in second place with more than 5.5 million procedures¾up 29% from 2022.

Liposuction was the most common surgical procedure in 2023 as in 2022, with more than 2.2 million, followed by breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, abdominoplasty, and rhinoplasty. The most popular non-surgical procedures were botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, hair removal, non-surgical skin tightening, and non-surgical fat reduction.