Sheilagh Maguiness, MD, from the University of Minnesota, is now president of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology (SPD) for the 2023-2024 term. Dawn Siegel, MD, is President-Elect. Robert Sidbury, MD, MPH, assumes the role of Immediate Past-President.

SPD is the nation’s only organization specifically dedicated to the treatment of children’s skin, hair, and nail disorders.

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to lead this incredible organization, working alongside such esteemed industry professionals to advance the field of pediatric dermatology. Through my years of being an SPD member, it has been inspiring to see firsthand the dedication of its members, and the impact we have had on industry,” said Dr. Maguiness. “I look forward to stepping into my new role as President, and fully embrace the opportunity to champion even greater success of this organization.”

Additional members of the leadership team include John Browning, MD, Vice President of Finance and Administration; James Treat, MD, Vice President of Education and Career Development; Joy Mosser, MD, Vice President of Workforce and Specialty Advocacy; Anita Haggstrom, MD, Vice President of Marketing and Communications; Amy Jo Nopper, MD, Vice President of Membership and Practice Management; Anna Bruckner, MD, Vice President of Research; and Kent Lindeman, CMP, Executive Director.