Preventative and early maintenance treatments continue to grow and are driving demand for cosmetic procedures, results of the latest survey from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reveal. And while “tweakments” remain popular, surgeons are also reporting year-over-year increases in demand for full and partial facelifts.

In all, minimally invasive procedures accounted for 83% of all procedures performed in 2023. The three most common minimally-invasive procedures were neurotoxins, fillers, and topical treatments (micro-needling and chemical peels).

AAFPRS cites phenomena, like “Sephora Tween” and TikTok’s “Get Ready with Me” videos as potentially fueling interesting in cosmetic treatments among Gen Z (now ages 11-26). Survey results show that 77 percent of AAFPRS members believe there will be a greater emphasis on earlier maintenance and prevention starting in the twenties and thirties to forestall signs of aging.

Balanced against interest in treatments is a desire to avoid looking “overdone.” Roughly one-quarter 924%) or respondents say their patients’ biggest fear when considering a facial procedure is “looking unnatural.”

While women continue to receive the majority of aesthetic services, AAFPRS members anticipate additional growth in the male market. Whereas only 5% of responding surgeons anticipated growth in demand for services from men in 2022, 44% or current respondents predict such growth. AAFPRS members also noted that more young men under age 35 seeking surgical and non-surgical enhancements.

The 2023 AAFPRS annual member survey was conducted in December 2023 by ACUPOLL Precision Research, Inc. through an online survey from a select group of the organization’s 2,200 members.